25 Jun

Which affiliate program?

Rakuten Linkshare

It’s simply known as Linkshare. It is one the top affiliate marketing networks with fast growth. It has waded off competitors by making itself user-friendly and introducing unique features such as the rotating different banner ads catering for different products and easing the optimization and administration. Read More

25 Jun

How to curate content for social media

Step 1: Identify an appropriate topic.

Pick a subject that you know is capable of communicating your brands to the audience in the social network of your choice. The subject should make you the opinion leader on the particular topic. The subject should be relevant to your audience as well.

Step 2: Find a source, a great source

Consider sourcing your content from the work made by industry professions. The sources should ensure a high degree of reliability.

Step 3: Organize your content.

Filter and sort your content and categories so that they can conform to your opinions. Different content sourced from different places should be structured to show a unity of idea.

Step 4: Add some value to the newfound content.

You can add your own findings to the content at this stage. The found content is supposed to explain your argument. Ensure you don’t plagiarize.

Step 5: Publish and share your final product.

Promote and share the content on your site, blog or social media channel.

The following points should be considered during the entire curating process.

l Explanations: Lay it bare to your audience why you found the subject worthwhile.

l Credits: Appreciate the sources of your content by providing links to the sources

l Extracts: Use sources to enrich your argument. Don’t post the whole of someone else’s idea.

l Choose wisely: Don’t compromise the quality of the content by overly concentrating on relevance.

l Add your say on it: Make Don’t just follows the topic of others. Your point of view comes first but is not final.