25 Jun

4 Methods to drive traffic to your website

Get social

Social media channels are some of the top tools you can use to channel traffic to your website. Twitter is great for short and tempting links. Google+ promotions can make your site pop up in personalized search results. Don’t just use social media but be active on it as well. Respond to comments and when people share your content, like or share it with them as well.

Do On-Page SEO

SEO has remained to be a formidable traffic generation tool for many years. Optimize your website’s content for search engines by applying on-page SEO aspects such as Meta descriptions, creating internal links and so on.

Start guest blogging

Try secure guest posts on some reputable sites. You can as well invite other people who you share a niche with to come and blog on your website. When they blog on your site, they link and share to their guest article bringing hordes of visitors to your page. On your part, ensure that you post original and quality content while getting rid of spam links at the same time.

Ensure that your website is responsive

If your website is the old school type that is accessible exclusively on desktop PCs, there is a chance that you are locking out a lot of visitors. A mobile responsive page can be comfortably accessed and viewed by users using a range of mobile devices as well as desktop PCs. Making your website responsive opens its content to millions of Smartphone and tablets users thus boosting traffic.

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