25 Jun

Which affiliate program?

Rakuten Linkshare

It’s simply known as Linkshare. It is one the top affiliate marketing networks with fast growth. It has waded off competitors by making itself user-friendly and introducing unique features such as the rotating different banner ads catering for different products and easing the optimization and administration.

The network has deep linkage options that you can use to direct traffic to your site hence enabling you to promote a range of different affiliate offers. It also has easy sign-up experience while its dynamic ad rotation concept is truly iconic

One major setback of Linkshare is its size. Compared to other industry players, it is a still small affiliate network considering it has been around for a long time. This puts a limit to the quantity of products you can promote.


Clickbank is an ideal platform for promoting digital products such as software and eBooks. It has been around for quite long and is among the among the pioneer affiliate marketing networks. This has earned it great reputation and experience.

What’s appalling about Clickbank is that anyone of any profession can sign up for free to create a free account! You can choose from millions of products on offer and sell whichever choice of products you please. The commissions are satisfactory. You don’t need any prior experience in affiliate marketing for you to work well on Clickbank.

The major disadvantage of Clickbank is its delayed payment of commissions. Plus, the quality of items on the network is debatable.

CJ Affiliate

It is simply referred to as the Commission Junction. It is home to many established and popular organizations.

The good thing about CJ Affiliate is that provides a huge amount of affiliate programs on the same platform. It also has great reporting capabilities and ease of use.

The main setback, though, involves the late payment of commissions.

Amazon Associates

Amazon has proved to be really good in almost anything involving buying and selling thing online. With almost two million sellers, Amazon associates offer a perfect platform for affiliate marketing newbies and veterans alike. The site network has really useful and distinct options for use in advanced affiliate marketing.

There are many reasons why Amazon Associates has been found to be an excellent network for many affiliate marketers. First, Amazon is really popular and has a large partner network. Second, it is flexible and has a user-friendly interface.

The commissions at Amazon affiliates are disappointingly low, requiring you to make massive sales to keep your business sustainable.


EBay is very straight when it comes to affiliate marketing. Just below the home page, you will find the affiliate link. Just like Amazon, eBay has built a reputable affiliate marketing network trusted by millions of people owing to its huge experience in online trading.

The network offers great seasonal discounts some items throughout the year thus helping affiliates marketers sell very many items. It also has better commissions and better payment methods including Paypal.

Thumbs down though, the network is really bad for beginners because you need a website that already has traffic to reach the payout threshold. The payment also keeps fluctuating.

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